Read into the Light

After a long week, Saturday is the perfect time to dive into some deeper reading on the topic of Whiteness and oppression. As a complementary suggested activity, consider gathering with others who share a similar privilege and read, research, and discuss these issues together.


Today in Racial Injustice: The Longest Walk (click to learn more at

First, we have Seeing White: An introduction to White Privilege and Race by Halley, Eshelman and Vijaya. They unpack white privilege and how pervasive it is. It’s a powerful read!

Another important book from Chanda Prescod-Weinstein’s reading list is But Some Of Us Are Brave: All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men: Black Women’s Studies.This provides a look at the decades-long system of white privilege, something we’ll also unpack more in our professional societies later in the month.

In the same theme: When White Women Cry by Mamta Motwani Accapadi discusses intersectionality and white feminism. White women continue to benefit from the same white privilege that benefit’s their male counterpart. So how do we challenge this sort of dynamic and environment.

To close out the afternoon, how about enjoying Mellody Hobson’s rousing call to action in her TED Talk on being Color Brave, not Color Blind.

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